I am really, really bad at office politics and I have sabotaged my own areer in many ways, unwittingly, over the years. So plz don't follow my lead!

Yes, at one point, the team i was on was located physically close to the "front office" and it was expected that all phones be answered before 3 rings (IDK why since we all had VM and call fwding...but whatever). So we were told that we would need to answer each other's phones (via a call-pick up function we could use from our own phones in our own individidual offices) and also to answer the secretary's and AA's phone. But somehow it fe on the shoulders of some of us more than others bc certain ppl were in the office more and others were more frequently offsite.

Just on GP, this didn't make any sense to me. They all had VM and I was not an expert in every topic that callers would be inquiring about. Plus, about half of the time, I would be answering for someone's wife or husband or kids or their BFF down the hall.

I found the whole thing insulting. At the time, i was the second youngest person on the floor, the only person of color, one of many womwn and I had two masters degrees.

Basically, I let my actions tell them to kiss my ass. I just didn't do it. I wouldn't hear the phone when it was ringing (sometimes I honestly didn't hear it but sometimes I just didn't consciously listen or I had music on). Or I would take breaks when I noticed the phones would be uncovered. Or I just complained.

Eventually, it got back to me that ppl were just saying not to even bother asking me to do it.

Good. Thank you.

I have done this in other situations where I didn't want to participate, incuding one where they sometimes needed someone to drive a very elderly executive around to her appointments and another other times whe they needed someone (usually women of color) to cut and serve and handle cake and food for office-related functions).

The hell w/ that. I shot myself in the foot careerwise, I guess. But there are some things I just don't want to do.
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How so? Do you still work for the same company? Do you think they would've still respected you afterwards? My coworkers and managers that I have been friendly with have joked with me on doing things like that(answering calls, getting coffee, etc) but they don't ever joke with the men about that stuff. There's no way I'm bending on these issues unless I see my peers being asked to do so at the same rate(and I mean the white guys who are the majority).

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