last night i had a dream i was working for a crime lab. I was reading a book and happened upon some info that couls help solve a crime. i busted in the LT's office and let them know what was up and how to solve the crime and sho did it and all that. the other officers in teh room looked stunned that a lab rat would dare solve their crime. one of the cop's asked very rudely, "should you be in the lab?" the LT's let me finish adn then told me tothey would look into it, nice way of brushing me off. one of the cops, apparently my boyfriend, walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "we can talk about it tonight at home." I said, "effe you idiots!" and stormed out. everything i said was true and i knew it was. i woke up angry! how dare they ignore me just because i work in a lab!