I guess I'm in the minority, but a little BO doesn't bother me. A little. If someone doesn't wear deodorant for a day, I don't care. I'll notice a smell, but I won't necessarily mind. If it's a period-related smell, that will bother me. If it's someone who smells as though they haven't washed in more than a day (as it may be in this case), that will bother me. When people don't wash for a loong time, the smell literally stings my nose.
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I agree. If you have armpit odor...I'm not gonna date you but I can work in the same office w/ you.

But if it's that smell of a grown man who hasn't washed his butt crack or pants in many, many days and he hasn't brushed his teeth or rinsed his other orifices AND he smokes, I will literally vomit.

Some ppl (male or female) cannot reach their crotch/butt region, no matter how often they rinse their body in the shower, and it aways smells.

IDK exactly what a period smell is but I have smelled some nasty crotch/butt on women and it is truly sickening.

But there is also this odd combination of cigarettes and alcohol, like you sleep on the floor of a bar. I am no tee-totaller and I smoked for many years. But sometimes ppl just emit this very noxious smell combining those two things, and it willl have me bent over the toilet in a minute!

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