I am trying to figure out what my hair type is and how I can make it look better. I currently think that i am a 2a. My hair is extremely dry and porous and I have a lot of hair. If i let it air dry is has a wave to it, but it is very frizzy and messy looking. I can dry it with a hairdryer and it is very straight but still looks dull and frizzy. My mother has always described it as "horse hair". The thing is, if i take a single strand and wet it, it curls up to resemble 3a or 3b. I know I have been doing my hair all wrong (currently I use head and shoulders shampoo/conditioner and I know it is KILLING my hair) so I am working on figuring this all out. Is there a way to get that 3a/3b curl into my hair, or is it just a fluke that it curls like that when in a single strand and wet?