No solutions for peeling nails, guys?
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well my nails peel and i really haven't found anything to stop them. i need to keep polish on my nails because (1) i like the way it looks and (2) i think it protects them from breaks. my nails aren't soft but i use this after rcc recommended the line. i do think this product helps. i also have the nail aid instant wrap. i use orly nail bonder also as a base coat. i actually think oil helps keep my nails moisturized so they peel less but it's hard for oil to get in when there's polish on. a little conundrum. i started using a remover with some acetone. it's "harsher" but it gets it off quicker and i think it may prevent over rubbing which was drying out my nails and maybe causing them to peel more.

i do think drinking ample amounts of water and getting healthy fats help everything from nails to skin, etc but it take my vitamins and drink well so i really don't know. my nails are a bit better now than they have been but i still have peelies that if i don't treat can make my nails look bad and cause breaking. i want my nails as nice as possible for some pics i'm taking in feb. gotta stay on top of it.
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