I think most of us 2's can understand the unpredictably of type 2 hair. Anyway I'll second the routine bit. Routine seems to really help, I also brush my hair which is against the rules of CG... I wouldn't say I use strictly CG.

The Kinky-Curly line can be found at most Target and Whole Foods stores so you might be able to convince your parents to buy you that. It is expensive when you add it all up, but I when I was your age I could usually barter extra chores to get something a little extra. Just grab the Knot Today and Come Clean if you can barter with your parents a little bit. Remember though if you go this route you have to follow up though! At the very least it will show them that you really care and want this.

Keep your chin up, I always think my hair looks like crap but I find other people don't usually agree with me.
2A/2B low porosity, medium density, medium texture.
Still experimenting.. but I like to use up my products.
Kinky-Curly Knot Today is my holy grail. My hair loves the stuff. <3