My husband got the S3 in October and he likes it, he doesnt have any complaints. He has a few co workers that have the iphone 4 and 5 have complained about screen freeze and other stuff and a few that love there phones and have no complaints a couple have switced and got android phones. Not all are on the same plans so that might play into problems one might have. I think over all both phones are nice in their own way. My husband works at a coal dock and he has his phone in an otterbox to give added protection in case he should drop his. Now I was due for an upgrade and was looking at S3 and iphone5 at the same time he got his phone. After doing a little research and comparisons and playing with the diffrent phones, I decided insted to pre ordered the Galaxy Note 2.I got it November 28 and I must say this phone does a lot. I really use the duel screen option a lot. I did not pre judge the phone based on the nagitive things people say about its size either and I am a tiny lady not even 5 feet. This phone is amazing! And I have yet to drop my phone like I am prone to do with my other phones I have had in the past. Over all I am in LOVE with this phone lol

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I'm slightly interested in it, too.

Dual screen??

I want a big screen, fast page load, as few bugs as possible.

What's an otterbox? And do they come in cool colors? LOL