That is good to hear! I bought the devafuser attachment and adapter off of the swap boards a couple of years ago. I have to did sit in my closet for quite a while before I got brave enough to use it. The "how to" videos on youtube helped a lot.

I do the exact same thing you do! I use it to dry my roots and all around my whole scalp. I don't bother drying the ends unless I'm in a real hurry to go anywhere. It's great because I don't get the chills like I used to while waiting for my hair to dry the rest of the way Also, I find that I get fewer split ends from keeping heat away from the length and ends of my hair.

When I did use a bowl diffuser I found that my curls ended up in strange, kinky shapes. I was probably doing it wrong, lol, but I love how the "hand" doesn't disrupt or change the curls at all.

It was refreshing and reassuring to hear about your devafuser and how you use it. Hopefully other deva~dif~USERS chyme in about their experiences!
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