Im pretty sure i have 3a hair, and I currently have '2b/2c' with like 2-4 3a curls somewhere in my hair, but I think its because i can't find the right products for me. There are TIMES when theres a nice curl here and there and its pretty but most of the time my hair is just an undefined, frizzy mess. I can't seem to find what works for me. I started CG maybe a bit over a month ago, and I thought it'd be way easier to find what works for me.

I also seem to have low porosity, and I've read i should avoid proteins. Lately I've been avoiding using styling products so that i can see the natural improvement in my naked hair. There were at the most, 3 days where its looked pretty nice considering my hair was naked.

I've tried these products but I feel like I'm just doing something wrong.

Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom
Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze
Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine
v05 Passion Fruit Smoothie (seemed to be okay but it has protein so idk?)
v05 Kiwi Lime (my hair doesn't seem to like it)
v05 Shea Cashmere
Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner (I can't seem to tell if my hair likes this or not)

Herbal Essences Set me up gel (have gotten a FEW nice curls but nothing impressive)
KCCC (haven't tried it yet)
Suave Naturals Coconute (haven't even touched it ;p might not try it)

I feel like my best days were with the suave ocean breeze (cowash) with the v05 passion fruit smoothie (RO/LI)

I dont exactly like the feeling of like... squeakiness when i run my fingers up my hair though which is usually how it felt when i used those products^
There were times when i used different products and my hair didn't feel squeaky when i ran my hair up it, instead it felt almost the same as when i ran my fingers DOWN my hair..

I kinda cowash everyday too, i feel weird if i dont, but im thinking i should try to cowash less?

I've always had a lot of hair, and ive always lost a good amount too (mostly in the shower) but i feel like im losing a bit more than i should and its worrying me because i feel like my hair will become less nice looking in the long run if i keep losing hair, like there will be less curls and overall hair to WORK WITH.

I feel like i'm just wasting my money

Plus I barely turned 15 and can't/dont know how to drive, so I can't just go and drive to whatever stores to buy whatever products, especially since i dont have money. My mom is kind of alright with buying products for me but she just doesn't like having to drive me places xD she gets fed up easily.

Today I cowashed with the Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine, and I left in some Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner, and it felt a bit weird, like the ends of my hair were like STANDING UP a little and it felt not so soft against my back and just overall ;p it didn't feel very moisturized and a BIT rough (mostly at the back of my hair) so i started covering my hair in the Suave again (/.\) i just didn't like how it felt, and then i put in some Herbal Essences set me up gel and scrunched a little with a shirt, and now im just waiting for it to dry (it takes like 3 hours to completely dry ;p)

so... can I get some help here? u.u (sorry I wrote so much Dx)

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