I am one of the bad curlies who sent my gift late. I've had some personal issues/problems of late and wasn't able to get onto the computer to let anyone know. I feel so horrible that I'm going to try and send my curly a package later in the year to make up for the lateness. There's a lot more "cool local gifts" that I can access in the summer.

As far as the mail is concerned, it's a hit and miss thing. How long it takes depends on what day you mail it. I was told by a couple Canada Post employees, on different occasions, not to mail stuff on a Friday. I was sending a local letter and was told if I mailed it early in the week it would go to the local office and be sorted and sent out from there. Mail it on a Friday and it gets collected, sent to Vancouver to be sorted for the region and then sent back to my area, where it gets sorted again. Adds on several days.

Maybe starting the swap earlier and have an earlier mail-out date?

I know I've learned my lesson, and if I'm allowed to participate next year I will be picking up some fun local stuff over the summer and fall. I almost always mail to the US so if I have a bit of local stuff ready to go all I have to do is add a couple more personal items and then I can mail it out earlier.