thanks ladies, well i washed my hair today and i used olive oil hair lotion then i applied creme of natures leave in conditioner and then some olive oil on top of that and i blowed my curls a little to about 50% dry and it actually came out great my curls we defined and it looks really nice and the frizz wasnt as much. I think the hair lotion helped my hair with the frizz. i washed with Garnier Fructis Daily Care Shampoo and Tresseme Anti- Breakage Condtioner. At the end i add a little Garnier Pure Clean Gel. That gel works great no crunch at all. I do plan on trying new products but im using what i have seeing im newly natural. To be honest my hair just had me down yesterday. But thanks ladies for the advice about my hair type. I was more unsure about the hair type than any thing else so that will definity help me with hair care my hair is low porosity. I found a link on how to test it. They said to get a strand and place in water if it sinks its high if it floats is low. So that how i know. Thank you all for your advice.