Thank you all for your responses.

Today, they didn't talk about it. Apparently,my boss said jokingly to the team leader "you can stop being nervous,I got you off the phone list". She said this laughing! My other coworker heard this and was pissed.

Apparently she thinks this is a joke.

SpiderL , that is what I would to too, but they actually want us to sit at the reception desk, not just forward the calls.

I am so sad, I can't stop crying.

I guess my other teammates are waiting for someone else to speak first en masse.
My company is the kind of company where the owners ask people to bring them lunch and drinks. I have been there 5 years and the owner only asked me once the first few weeks I was working there. I banged the coke on his desk and he never asked me again! He told me to buy something for myself (he gave me money from his pocket). They only ask certain people ( usually the lower paid employees). Not that that is right,but I guess they only ask the people who see nothing wrong with it or won't complain. Yes, they are evil.

I will update on what happens tomorrow.