i got a laughable one through PoF's "Meet Me" today!

this is what the guy's profile says:

HI....I'M ON HERE WITH ONE SIMPLE MOTIVE....I'M LOOKING FOR A friend/lover/WOMAN TO JOIN ME for a trip to vegas on Valentines weekend 2013. A little cheesy? Oui. Delightfully so. At the same time pretty hot and just what a longtime has-been married woman/mom with a desire for realness needs to jump start a sleeping libido.

so, he's looking for a married woman who's a "has-been"...

wonder if he'll get any offers?

Originally Posted by rouquinne
I really want to think he meant a woman who has been married. Not a married woman who is a has been. LOL
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
I think he means a woman who was married a long time and that he assumes doesn't have sex (jumpstart sleeping libido).
Pretty stupid assumption. Pretty stupid requirements.