This is so unnecessary, honestly. Like great for her, but even if she didn't have surgery she obviously had to go through a strenuous workout/diet regimen which is not realistic for most women with newborn babies. Why does there have to be so much coverage about women's bodies after they've given birth?
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that's what I'm saying. Who cares about pregnant people who's belly's get bigger because of a zombie fetus in there and not because they ate 12323 slices of pizza.

Like sorry, I just don't get it.
If I was pregnant I would dance under a thousand suns because you're pretty much in the clear on the judgement of having a belly like santa claus, except by other pregnitos. I've noticed they're like in their own world. Judging other fellow pregnants. I watch from afar.

Pregnancy is a whole different universe.

they're all like omg I gained 30 lbs from being pregnant. and I'm here like, I just gained 30 lbs from not being pregnant.....

K I'm done.

I'll admit I'm jealous, sometimes in places, I'll lean back and hold my belly like I'm 3 months (or whatever Iooono) pregnant, but really its just gas.

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