@ SoUneekly, I had the issue with my baby girl. She has eczema on the scalp. I tried sulphur 8, ACV, and other shampoos for dandruff/itchy scalp. You know what helped. Neem oil, Neem shampoo, or the Neem bath bar it worked so good on her scalp. In addition to adding tea tree oil to her coconut oil grease. The grease is 2 tsps blue magic coconut oil grease and 1 cup of coconut oil mixed together has a grease. I know some people say do not grease your scalp, but you need to seal in the moisture especially with people that has eczema. The doctor would have prescribed her an oinment that had in pure petroleum and Mineral oil plus a bunch of steroids and terrible ingredients. I could not put that in her hair plus it was breaking so bad all over that I had no choice to follow these products. My mother and mother-n-law straight up carribbean women told me to stop playing with her scalp and grease it. So I did and it worked. I have not found anything else that eased the itching. Know her hair is growing back where she pulled it out. It is a major improvement. If I go off from washing her hair with neem and greasing her scalp with grease. She woul be a hair pulling out itchy mess. I have also done this on my hair. Whatever my kids use on their hair I use and my problem areas (my edges) are growing in great. I also make sure I keep up with her scalp by examinging it during the week. If it looks like it needs to be cleaned. I shampoo it, but if there is no buildup there is no need to shampoo weekly it will dry up your scalp and cause you to itch. Even if you co-wash if you are like myself and my three girls our hair holds onto the conditioner and it dries onto our scalp. That is not good. A good shampooing to cleanse the scalp is needed. You can co wash but not as frequent.

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