Hopefully the topic of warning people about the recent events of this business as well as experiences can stay on the topic of.....business and not get messy like Ensogate. File disputes, claims, alert the Attorney General etc. I think it's important that people don't stoop to the level of trying to assault this woman's character or start pulling up random unrelated ish for drama purposes (like the Enso thing). Sometimes on forums when things like this happen, I think people get more consumed and into the drama and bullish than truly resolving the problem.
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Ensogate IMO was all about that woman character and business, but again thats my view
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I agree, but when people start trying to look up ish about "wasn't she in this music video?" and blah blah blah.....it becomes obvious that people are just indulging in mess and gossip moreso than resolving the problem at hand.