Hello All!

I'm having a big problem with my hair breaking since after getting it dyed a few months ago. There was a big difference after using the Aphogee last month but I'm still finding hair all over my bathroom floor. My hair appointment for a trim is set next week but I did read up on the protein test and it indicated I needed more protein. I wanted to know from those who has fine hair, or color treated hair, or who need to use some kind of protein condition more than the average person....

1. How often do you deep condition with Protein? (once a week, every 2 wks, etc.)

2. What type of protein conditioner do you use?

3. For those of you who have experienced severe breakage, how many times a month did you use the a Protein Treatment (Aphogee or another) until the breakage lessened?

4. Do you follow up with a moisturizing conditioner? If so, what do you use?
3c/4a, Fine Texture, low porosity, color treated, mod-CG since Jan 2013 Big chopped: May 2007

Shampoo: Yes to Carrots
Clarify: baking soda the. ACV rinse
Suave clarify shampoo ( product builds up on my hair very fast)
Co Wash: Tresseme naturals, Vo5 Strawberries and Cream
Mane and Tail
Leave in: tresseme naturals
Styler: As I am double butter
Or Aloe Vera gel

Next on deck: flaxseed gel, sheamositure enhancer smoothie, as I am co wash,