Side note: when Nap85(youtuber) was pregnant she said that her doctor said for the pregnancy that she only needed to eat an extra 200-300 calories and that this is the normal for most pregnant women. She looks to still be about the same size I don't know if her belly is back to its same position, but she said that whole eating for two thing is kind of a sham. So from what she said, because I have never been pregnant, if Kourt stuck to only eating an extra 200-300 calories it might have not been as hard for her to whip her body back into shape.
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i follow her too. she and her hubby are so sweet with their baby! i watched the whole birthing video and felt like i was right there with them, lol. i've heard you only need a small amount of extra calories too but of course some women have bad cravings, some don't know better and some just choose to eat and do what they want during that time (and it's all okay). i'm not judging anyone but it does seem like the women themselves feel better physically and emotionally when they get back into shape after pregnancy. i would suspect having a lot, not a little but a lot of extra weight after pregnancy would make one feel more tired and dissatisfied with themselves.

my friend that is a zumba instructor taught almost up until the end of her pregnancy, i know everyone can't, but she was back last night and she looked great and had high energy. she seemed happy! it's been about 6 weeks since she had her precious boy. she said her hips are tight and something about ligaments so she has to stretch more but i know she loves zumba and the members love her too so i was happy to see her back in the game so quickly!
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