That's true. There def is pressure.
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It's self inflicted pressure.
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Women may add pressure to themselves, but really? There is so much external pressure, spoken or not. There are subtle and overt media pressures all over the place, which I think was the objection to this article. It's all "hurrah, see, it's easy to get back to your pre-baby shape and you should be celebrated if you do it quickly!" with the unspoken message being "and there's something wrong with you if you don't."
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I don't get that at all. Then again I don't read or even notice those types of magazines unless am at the nailshop and that's all there is, it's just mindless entertainment. If people didn't buy them, they wouldn't sell. People want to read and see this stuff. I know it goes beyond magazines, but yes really, people take this stuff way too seriously IMO.