Hello all! I'm hoping someone else may have had a similar experience recently and maybe can help shed some light on what is going on with DevaCurl (seeing as they have ignored my imploring e-mail regarding this topic).

So I have 3c curls. I did a fairly big chop back in June (had been doing Japanese straightening for several years) and am loving having my spiral curls back. At the salon, the stylist gave me a 'curly girl' cut and turned me on to Deva products. I then invested in no poo which I like. Then, back in October, my sister (who has 3a/b hair) gave me a little of her low poo to try. She had bought the bottle at an Ulta in Connecticut. This stuff was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I used it a few times (spaced-out since I didn't have my own bottle, just 1/4 of a travel size bottle) and each time my curls were soft, elastic, bouncy and FRIZZ FREE! I mean, NO frizz whatsoever. I only needed a tiny bit of low poo which sudsed nicely but was so 'soft' in my hair that I could finger detangle with the low poo in. I don't even know how to explain it. My curls would clump beautifully (with very little of my usual 'twirling' required to get perfect little ringlets all over my head, even at the crown where I'm NEVER able to get nice, elastic curls).

Anyway, jump to the present. I was so excited that our mother got us both a bottle of low poo as a stocking stuffer. I hopped in the shower right away and ... all I can say is that whatever came out of that bottle smelled and looked like the 'old' low poo, but it barely sudsed and made my hair SUPER dry, brittle, tangled, frizzy and just generally HORRIBLE! I mean, like I had just washed my hair with DISH SOAP horrible. And not even one of those 'moisturizing' dish soaps with aloe and what not! It was traumatic!

I conditioned with my normal conditioner (Giovanni smooth as silk) and had to use a TON just to be able to detangle when normally I use just a little. Then, my leave-in conditioner (Tresemme naturals, nourishing moisture) wasn't able to even provide slip or moisture. It took a week of deep conditioning, oil treatments, etc... for my hair to recover from one low poo!!!

My sister had the exact same result with her bottle of low poo. (Both from an Ulta in PA, by the way). We took them back and exchanged for a third bottle - unable to give up! - and same horrible result. I managed to get a few drops from my 'old' low poo and again, soft, resilient, perfect curls!! So it wasn't just our imagination. My sister still had some of her old low poo as well (back at her apartment) and she tried it again when she got back to Connecticut and, ta-da, perfect curls!

The thing is - we compared the ingredient list from the 'old' bottle (bought in October in CT) and the new bottles (bought in december in PA) and they are EXACTLY THE SAME.

We both wrote to Deva to see WHAT is going on, but they've studiously ignored both of us.

Has anyone had this experience?? It's absolutely heartbreaking because low poo was the BEST product I've EVER used and it seems to be ruined!!! I was so looking forward to ordering a big bottle of it on Amazon ($25 for 32 oz), but I'm afraid I'll get the 'new' version and maybe have trouble returning it!

Hellllppppppp!!! What is going on with Deva????