you can prevent stretch marks with certain lotion and discipline .
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Um, no. Either you get them or you don't. You can't discipline your breasts and belly not to get bigger when they hold milk and a baby. You might get stretch marks, you might not. I know some really large women who have zero stretch marks. You get what you get.
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Agreed. I used the "certain lotion" (Palmers) and still got them. They are not hugely noticeable, and don't bother me.

I have 2 kids and did not have problem losing the baby weight. The issue for me is the non baby weight.

I agree with Saria in general, but I think the "transformation" type stories will always be out there. It's also misleading, because you know some of these transformations involves a workout that is basically a full time job. I agree with Webbie too, that my weight loss is my responsibility and these types of articles should not carry much weight (pun intended?). It's things like this ("What's your excuse?") that rub me the wrong way. Yes, awesome for her, and I'm sure she worked hard (let's not mention genetics, because I have a feeling that is an "excuse"), but I truly dislike the message there. It doesn't strike me as very supportive, it's more of an implied, "In yo' face, you lazy fatties". Maybe it motivates some women, but not me.

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