Years ago when I broke with my bf he started sending me Maine lobster (from Maine, flown in to Maryland) at my house and dozens of roses at my work. When it first started I wasn't even in town and he called my father (he'd never called my father in the five years we were together so it was just beyond weird) and told him about the delivery so my father went to my house and got them. They would come weekly or so. It was insane. Finally I called the Company and said to come back and get them. I didn't want them. I felt so bad since they were live lobsters but after months of this crazy stuff I was looking for any way to end it.

It was the same way with the flowers. At first I gave them to the people in my office but after a while they would all hide when the florist would come. The retirement home didn't want anymore flowers. So much waste. So I guess who knows what's going on with your neighbor. You could ask.