I'm guessing most of you righties don't realize it but you're more comfortable opening bathroom stalls with your left hand. In my informal poll of places I use, the stalls are most often set up to open with the left hand, I assume thinking that will lead to increased cleanliness since most people use their right hands for dirty business....

Because most of the US is designed for righties, there's a lot I can do with my right hand. Shifting gears in a car, adjusting windshield wipers, using scissors, etc. I have been known at random to write things with my right hand just because often something is set up so there is a clip on a clipboard, rings on a notebook, etc., in the way if you want to write left handed.

I am an abject failure when it comes to mousing with the left hand, which is unfortunate and ironic because I had a bout of tendonitis in my right wrist where switching hands would have been a nice option. I am better at opening gates from horseback with my right hand, and can only throw a rope with my right hand. I tend to throw/catch right handed since most of the time only left hand gloves are available.

The strangest left-side only thing I have (to me) is that I can NOT talk on the phone with it on my right ear. I can hold the phone with my right hand while taking a note on something, but the phone has to be on the left side.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!