I tried the SM Souffle today, and I'm having pretty good results with it. After cleansing and then conditioning with KCKT (and rinsing some of it out), I added the Souffle to my soaking wet hair. (Actually the shower was still running as I applied it.) I was worried about using too much, so I used a lighter hand than I usually do, maybe using a total of two nickel-sized blobs rubbed between my hands and distributed to every section of my hair. (My hair is almost BSL when wet and not quite shoulder-length when dry. Very thick.) Then I combed it through to ensure even distribution. Plopped for about 10 minutes, then let it air-dry while I ran some errands. No gel, no other products.

I was worried it wasn't doing anything since I'm used to having my hair coated in much more stuff. But when I next looked in a mirror, my curls looked shiny and well-defined! I was actually surprised. I may have now messed things up because I have KCCC addiction and I just scrunched some of this into my nearly-dry hair (I do this all the time and usually love it. My hair still looks good right now, but my hands got super sticky while scrunching and I'm concerned that it may not be mixing well with the Souffle. We shall see.).

Anyway, for those who are on the fence about this, I'd recommend giving it a shot. The key to my application, I believe, was using it in SOAKING WET hair. I can see how it could be sticky and unpleasant if the hair were at all dry. And be smarter than I am and set the KCCC down.