Is the hallway heated? If not, maybe she's thinking being outside is as good as refridgeration. I sometimes put food outside in the winter when I run out of room in my fridge...mostly around the holidays when I just want to keep something cold overnight until I can use/serve it the next day.

If the hallway is heated, then she's just nuts leaving her food out like that. I'd be tempted to relieve her of those delicious steaks before they go rotten.
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No! Sometimes she's left them in the front vestibule which I can ALMOST understand because it's cold. But not locked so anyone could come in and take those packages. But the hallway is heated-- and we're on the third floor.

She's in her late-50s, single. She walks with a cane so I've thought sometimes that maybe the packages are too heavy for her to carry up and that's why she leaves them downstairs. But now she's just been leaving them in our hallway.

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