Once at the gym, I overheard a personal trainer talking to his client, about how his wife was due soon, and how he'd have her back to 110, "A tight 110," in 12 weeks. Can you imagine being married to that? And then have a baby, which means you're stuck with him for the foreseeable future? That kind of pressure will where most women down, no matter how good their self-esteem.
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Well, it depends... if the wife WANTS him to help with that, great. If not.... gross.

I'm currently getting my butt absolutely kicked by a horse trainer. I've told him I want him to, and my mom was a little shocked when I was going to rest during one of my lessons and he yelled at me not to be a wimp and keep going. However, we had discussed it and he knew that was what I wanted him to do, and I told my mom not to worry - I desperately want to be back in shape, and I appreciate being worked that hard! (He also takes things into account like he could tell I was stiff/sore from some work so had me do other things for two days until I was feeling better, rather than ragging on me for not being able to do as well as I had before getting sore. A good personal trainer is going to be the same way.)
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Agreed. Maybe she wanted it or maybe it was his way of saying what a great trainer he is. Self-promotion. I wasn't there so I can't say what he meant but there the possibility that he didn't mean it in a gross way