Um, no. you can prevent them. NOT everyone, sorry I forgot to say that, but you can take preventive measures with certain creams.

I know people who've had them and then didn't have them the second time.

I know people who know they can get stretch marks and used creams to prevent getting them.

I don't know what you're um, noing, but your statement doesn't really go with mine.
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Some women might not get new stretch marks with each pregnancy or they might get the marks in the same place. So, yeah, creams aren't going to help.
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Okay well I guess I'm just a magical wizard (which I am) because I used bio oil in high school and it got rid of my stretch marks, but it wasn't the cream it had to have been the fact that I'm a magical wizard.

I used it religiously like the bottle says, with its directions, but that doesn't count because it was magic.

But my examples are invalid because the people who have not experienced the magicalness that is wizardy creams will never believe because they have not experienced it. This is common occurrence for anything, in which people will make your statements invalid because they haven't experienced it, we've seen this numerous times, especially in nonhair.

You have to experience it to be a believer. You guys just didn't get the letter, from the hogcream school of witchcraft and stretchmark removal.

But maybe it was because I magically believed so hard that they went away, maybe, because I am magic.
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Thanks for making my day.

As for the men, they'll believe what they want to believe. Logic be dammend

My hubby (mind you has an advanced degree in anthropology so you think he would be sensitive to post partum recovery) wouldn't bat an eyelash at me taking hour plus long hikes days/weeks after giving birth. We had our smackdowns.

As a new mother, it's our job to protect ourselves by giving the finger to these so-called social pressures. When we're cool, we can be there for the babies (and the hubbies).