I don't want to stay there. I don't cry at work,only at home.
The whole company doesn't do help the receptionist., only the lowest paid employees and now apparently my team.

I know it can seem like I am just being petty but this new manager is just trying to make herself indispensable. She is doing that by giving us crap work and taking all the "important " work/accounts for herself. It isn't just that I think answering phones is " beneath me".
It not that I think receptionists have no skills either. Its more of a situation where I didn't ask to be. This is yet another way to push us out of her way. The second week she was came to work for us
I was called to one of the owners offices. Apparently I was being threatened to be written up if I didn't write down everything I knew about our accounts. (It was not documented).I had a lot of it just in my head and she needed the information to be my boss! She is quite the
And no I do not feel insecure about being fired. I don't want to do a job so far from my skill set because it is a disservice to me.

I am not real good at playing games, so I wrote down everything I could think of and she took the accounts with most visibility and told me
I was not allowed to call them.
I turned around and told her I wanted to work on my software development skills, writing queries since most of my team needs reports and I understand better than anyone how to write them.
So I outsmarted myself out of "competing" with her. Now she doesn't compete with me because she is not into software development.

So no, I don't appreciate one bit being told that I need to play receptionist now. It's just a waste of my time.