make that 2 glasses of brandy!

and some of the questions were so STUPIDLY easy...

who's the supermodel host of Project Runway?

who was "Rolling in the Deep" in 2011?

Celie is a character in which award-winning 1982 novel?

who's most famous artworks had titles like "Drip No. 10"?

what country is bordered by Sudan to the south and Libya to the west?

what's the appropriate name of the exploratory vehicle that landed on Mars in the summer of 2012?

Panem is the country in which post-apocalyptic novel?

who is the title governess of a Charlotte Bronte novel?

um yeah... like most people wouldn't get those...


it's a good thing i live alone in a house because i actually did some shrieking instead of crying. my whole life i've been the person with the freaky memory who hears something/reads something/sees something once and files it away in order to drag it out when watching this show. unless we were playing teams, my family refused to play Trivial Pursuit with me within 2 years of the game coming out. i can answer questions about places i've never been, books i've never read, music i've never heard, movies i've never seen...

most of my first dates the past few years have consisted of guys thinking they can beat me at trivia; so we go to play BuzzTime and i wipe the floor with them. only one came back for more, but after the 3rd date i never heard from him either.

i even got answers right when Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter missed them!

i think i'm going to go have a shower and shriek at the cosmos some more...

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