It's kind of sad that a magazine has to clarify that a picture isn't retouched.

Also, y'all have seen NOTHING in terms of post-baby body nonsense until Kate Middleton has her baby. Get ready.

I think what bothers me about this is more the idea that all women and their bodies are, or should be, the same. Sure, SOME women bounce back quickly and others work really hard to do so, but others don't or can't. These magazines simultaneously send the message that these are exceptional Superwomen who lose the weight and that other mortal women can follow their tips and do the same and are lacking if they don't.

I do agree that not everyone does or should buy in to this warped thinking. But it is a problem for society as a whole when women are on magazine covers for having baby bumps and losing the baby weight.... but not nearly as often for their exceptional parenting, or their educational achievements, professional success, special talents, philanthropy, etc.

As to stretch marks, I don't believe anything other than genetics can prevent them. I have heard that bio oil can significantly lessen them if it is used early enough, so that's likely what happened to murrcat.
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