dear idiots of the local press...

first appearance court is ALWAYS held in Courtroom A (which seats 10). we do not care who the accused is.

and... even better... we in court services DO NOT HAVE A SAY in scheduling courtrooms! this is COMPLETELY at the discretion of the judges and justices of the peace and their trial coordinator. we are NOT allowed to interfere with their processes. it would be a violation of the Constitution of the country for us to do so.

even better, the accused himself, our "esteemed" (ha!) mayor, and his high-priced lawyer, didn't appear before the JP; said lawyer sent his clerk to file the motion for disclosure.

so there really was *nothing* for you to see with your idiotic:

Justice requires that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done. If not seen, it’s not done.


besides, even if we DID let you in to the court; i bet you'd be screaming about not being able to tweet and email in court. you DO realize, don't you dorks, that the provision approved in this province only applies to lawyers and accredited journalists appearing before the Superior Court of Ontario starting Febraury 1st and this matter is only in the Ontario Court of Justice????

no, i'll bet you just don't get the difference and we'll have to endure the whining of the press all over again on February 26th...
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