I work about 20 mins. from home. I live right by the expressway and when I get there, my job is right off the expressway. Pretty convenient. My husband sometimes drives me (its downtown so no street parking) or I can take the train which would take me about 30 minutes (2 trains). I ride the trains and buses for free because I work for the transit system....Ironically, I hate taking public transportion! Lol

Hair type:3a
Cowash: SN coconut cond.
Cleanser: devacurl or devacare nopoo, dc lowpoo
Ro: DC onecon., KCKT
LI: DC onecon., KCKT, CJ cccl
Stylers: CJ cccl, FSG, Cj ciab, DC angel
Oils: coconut oil, apricot kernel, grapeseed