I have used and tried way to many products to name them all lol
I use castor oil and olive oil for sealing and right now I use Shea moisture as a moisturizer. I though I was high porosity for a while but my hair seem to not like protein light protein makes my hair dry and hard protein does nothing at all.

My hair seems to be low porosity but IDK anymore it acts so funny all the time
It is coarser behind my ears and smoother on the rest
its 4A
My scalp gets really dry but It is not flaky
It seems to like and dislike water

I usually wash with black soap
condition with ABHR( it works for me BUT it never stays soft the only conditioner I can say ever made any kid of positive difference at all)
then I use Shea moisture leave in and seal
That is what I do now but at this point it is just to get by nothing really makes a difference though

But the reason I am at the end of my rope is because I have tried everything and done everything I am suppose to do and people know it agree I should go see a doctor because I take such good care of my hair there is no reason for it to act the way it does for 5 + years.I even go to professional stylist and they are shocked by how dry my hair is even after deep conditioning and hot oil treatments. You name it I have tried it. I really wanna keep trying though and if it is not better within a year I am going to the doctor