I'm stuck at this length too and it's maddening. When wet or straight it's an inch or two past my shoulders. When curly it's a shaggy mess & just irritating. I hate this length & need to just put it up so it'll grow & quit bugging me. It's not a style anymore, it's annoying. But my hair has always grown soooo slow.
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This is my exact situation! I'm a 2C: S-waves on top, curls underneath, with medium texture (not coarse, but not fine). My hair doubles in size from wet to dry!

In 2011, I'd had a couple of bad cuts that turned my hair into a 'fro, and consequently I decided I needed a change. I chopped 4 or 5 inches off and got an inverted bob style. The problem was, of course, that this style looks much better straight than curly, so I was flat-ironing my hair every other day. Finally, I got sick of spending all that time and effort on it and wanted to go back to no-muss, no-fuss natural curls--but that meant I had to grow my hair out. My short hair grew quickly at first, but plateaued at a length just above my shoulders. I've had it cut since: put angles in the front and trimmed the overall length so that it's no longer shorter in back, but I'm at a loss now. My hair has that "Christmas Tree" look: it's flat on top and poofy on bottom due to all the body. I'm trying to be patient and just let it grow, but I need a short-term solution on how to wear it in the meantime. Should I get a trim and have more layers put in to even out the Christmas Tree (I currently have minimal layers)? Should I thin the ends? Should I get a straightening treatment to keep my hair manageable for the next 6 weeks? Please help!
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I would go with the layers. Thinning is generally a bad idea for curls and a relaxer can damage the hair and will give you different textures as it grows out.

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