So of course, after being told E's head is "too big" and he "should be screened for hydrocephalus" (the reason for the ultrasound), I've read about premature babies' growth rates, specifically cranial circumference. It's apparently a BAD thing if their heads don't grow faster than a full-term baby's. It can signal developmental delays, as well as a myriad of congenital abnormalities. This is just so contradictory to what his pediatrician implied.

At a previous visit, she had said, "Well I'm not considering him pre-term anymore. He's growing so well!" ... BUT HE WAS PRE-TERM. YOU CAN'T JUST UNDO THAT. Infuriating. What's more, I don't even know where I'd take him if I were to switch. This is supposed to be one of the best practices in the area.

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