I just went back to the stylist that I loved. My mom had stopped liking her so she suggested I go where she went. But my mom has a complicated hairstyle that has to be blow dried straight. I went to two hairdressers after leaving my other one after a couple of years. The first one was okay. The second one was not. I asked her to cut layers into my hair because I NEED layers and she didn't. My hair was not as manageable. So I went back to my old hairstylist and she did a wonderful job. I am NOT going to leave her again, no matter what my mom suggests. She cut perfect layers into my hair and boy has my hair responded. I didn't realize I had this much curl! I am having a wonderful hair day today! I have learned that when you find a hairstylist you like, you keep her.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves