All these are great answers. I gave a hard look at that black soap. Lots of people say it dries their hair out. Maybe try something else.

I gave up on creamy moisturizers. They "work" a little, but leave my hair white, moist for a bit, then greasy and dry. I switched to- well I've always used it- curl activator for moisture. I just put it in after my wash, then add my styler on top. The activator keeps my ultra dry hair ultra moist for days. Between applications, I spritz with water and seal with vegetable oil.

Now, as my hair has gotten longer its not as easy as it use to be, but it's not so bad. I've been skimping on my conditioning due to laziness and I see a big difference. My hair is getting dryer. I NORMALLY condition over night and it makes a huge difference in my moisture level. But lately I've been just cowashing and out the door. SMH.

ANYWAY, I hope you can find something that works. Don't give up. Just keep trying. Curly hair is tricky, but worth the effort.