Hi all! I am new here and new to my wavy hair. I had wavy hair as a toddler, then it went straight for most of my childhood, and now the past few years (I am 31) it has gotten curlier and curlier!

So I've never known how to style it and therefor pulled it back or straightened it.

I had a Deva Curly Cut last week and loved it, and have been trying to recreate it at home. My stylist was a great teacher, but I cannot get it to look like she did!

In fact, using only the DevaCurl Arc AnGel in the morning, my hair kind of looks greasy. I've tried only using a little, using a lot, and nothing works. It's pretty wavy, it just looks too glossy/greasy. My stylist used the same product and used a ton, and my hair looked perfect. I am also using the same shampoo and conditioner as she did everyday (No-Poo and OneCondition), so the products are identical. I've also tried rinsing more conditioner out vs. keeping a bit in and it's the same.

Anyone have ideas why my hair is not only not as curly as the stylist got it (which doesn't concern me as much) but also looks a bit greasy?? I should add that I put in the gel while my hair is dripping, scrunch, and diffuse for just a minute per section around my head before air drying the rest of the way.

Thanks so much! Glad to be here with the experts.

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