I usually wash with black soap
condition with ABHR( it works for me BUT it never stays soft the only conditioner I can say ever made any kid of positive difference at all)
then I use Shea moisture leave in and seal
That is what I do now but at this point it is just to get by nothing really makes a difference though
Originally Posted by lovely0706
I would try co-washing. I haven't used black soap, but that could be a big contributor right there. Have you ever laid off the black soap for a couple of weeks to see what would happen? Also, sorry I don't know all the ingredients here, but I know that I have extreme dryness when I use products with silicones. My hair hates them. It will be soft and silky while wet and then SUPER dry once it dries. I would keep applying more and more conditioners (not realizing that the silicones in the conditioners were doing more harm than good) and the problem would just get worse.

Sorry if this is all stuff you've tried already...good luck!