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After seeing your last couple posts about him, I wanted to offer you some support. Hopefully, your doctor is just being overly cautious, as was our pediatrician, 14 years ago:

DD2 nearly came at 28 weeks, thank goodness for my doctor, the hospital, and a friend, (who realized what was going on before I did) She was, ultimately, full term.

Still, at about 4 months (I think, it was 14 years ago!) Doctor felt her head was growing too quickly, and she also spotted a skin tag at the base of her spine, which could have been indicative of Spina bifida. Off we went to a speciallist (neurologist?) who ordered an MRI. The next time I saw the specialist, he gave me the biggest smile, saying, 'that baby is absolutely perfect, take her home, love her and enjoy her!" (I guess it was a good day for him, he wasn't that fun the first time.)

Now, an eighth grader, that same girl is rarely sick, is in the gifted program and an honor roll student. I think doctors can be alarmists, especially pediatricians. They jump at every little thing, and order tests, just to be on the safe side. Hopefully a few years from now, you will be telling some one your own version of my story!
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