So I think I'm a 3b (not completely sure), but my curls range in size a little bit. I got a haircut a while back that has left me with two choppy layers in the back, and it makes the back of my hair really voluminous. I can't easily get rid of it without chopping a bunch of length, and I don't really want to do that, so I'm trying to get it to grow out. I always have a chunk of hair in the back of my head, the very top layer, I guess the canopy, that is undefined and gets frizzy. I was told it could be because of damaging hairties, so I switched to plastic ones that don't rip my hair, but it hasn't gone away (I hardly ever put my hair up anyway). I don't flat iron my hair, and I hardly ever blow dry it. I don't shampoo either. Anybody know a cure for this problem??

Also, I was wondering what are the best curly hair gels to use. I want to find one that really works for me, I don't want it to leave my hair frizzy!!

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