'So....*gasps*... thirsty! So... *groans*... itchy! Why? Why won't you feed me? Why won't you clean me?? Why won't you l.. lu... luh... LOVE MEEEEE?????'
*hair cries tears of dandruff*

Abuse. I've abused my hair and scalp and I'm sorry and ashamed.
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

Love: QB - all of it, Bobeam - shampoo bars, Darcy's Botanicals - Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, Coconut Cupuacu Pomade, KBN - Shealoe Leave-in, Oyin - Juices & Berries, Kinky Curly - Knot Today, Ayurvedic treatments, my Denman and the cloud of kinky goodness on my head that I get to play with!