Dee, hopefully the henna/amla will help you with all that. So many women say their hair DEFINITELY looked thicker and seemed stronger after henna, so it could work out well!

What, if anything, have your mom's doctor/s said might help her reduce her hair loss, or help reduce further hair loss (Sometimes certain drugs can be slightly reduced w/the help of a doctor, if it's truly a side effect of one of the drugs and not a cause of the diabetes itself)? I assume she's also watching her sugar levels, eating properly, exercising if possible and regularly taking her meds? Would imagine henna/amla might improve the health of her hair. Your mom is so lucky to have a daughter who's willing to fuss over her hair - man if only my husband would agree to assist me w/applying henna/amla mix ... I have a TON of hair to work with. I asked him. I was like : and he was like

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thank you sooo much! She has seen over 6 different dermatologist and still nothing works it seems like her doc is more concerned about maintaining her blood pressure (which isnt a bad thing) believe it or not it was alot worse, she had blisters and scabs all over her scalp it was disgusting! That persisted for 1 year she finally found a specialist who was able to treat that. Now its a matter of getting her hair to grow.

I did the amla/brahim powder treatment on her hair the other day and i like how her hair felt.
2 days later i did henna on my hair i added amla and brahim powder. It is amazing the results i got after just one treatment! My hair is SUPER SOFT, has little shedding i dont even see a reason to use my tangle teezer. For the first time i did finger detangling. it was no use to me bc of the amount of shedding i use to experience. I see a great relationship with henna in my future. I plan to do a treatment ever wash day which is 1x weekly for both my mom and i.

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I'm so glad to hear that the initial results for you and your mum are good! I would like to suggest a slow build up of henna treatments rather than starting off doing them every week. It really can make your hair extra-coarse and dry if not given time to recover (admittedly I speak as someone who has dry, coarse hair already...).
Also, I wonder if your mummy's scalp/growth issues are due to the poor circulation diabetics have. If so, maybe very gentle scalp massages to stimulate blood flow might help. With a neutral oil to start with, then maybe with a more 'invigorating' oil (mustard? cayenne infused? rosemary?) once you are certain her scalp is strong.

Good luck with everything. I love my ayurvedia stuffs although it's been a couple months since I did anything! Brahmi is king, Amla is queen, Bhringraj is Superman.
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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