Spent my entire childhood longing for ANY hair but my own. Now? I honestly and shamelessly love my hair and don't experience hair envy at all. I hear how conceited that may sound to someone, but it really is the truth. I used to apologize when I got compliments, as in, "Yeah, but it's such a pain in the butt" (which it can be at times). Now I generally say, "Thanks!" That doesn't mean I don't get frustrated w/it at times, curse it or put it down once in a while. And I still like the idea of better root lift than I naturally have. It's just I don't feel envious - like someone else has better hair.

... But it took a minute to arrive at this attitude.

And I admire the $&%* out of others' curls on a daily basis. I think our curly hair is what it's all about

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