Hi all,

I found this site recently and began the CG method approx 3 weeks ago. I have noticed that my hair is shinier, more moisturised and easier to manage since then. However, I read a post on here that said its important to really massage/rub the scalp to make sure its clean. Unfortunately I did this with shampoo on my last poo wash and handfuls of hair fell out from where I rubbed my scalp (i.e. from one spot!). I read that massaging oils into the scalp should be good for hair growth so I massaged coconut and almond oil into my scalp and left overnight. The next day I had a shower and combed my hair and 80 hairs fell out! It also looked like a clump of hairs fell out, though there is no bald spot on my head. My hair is noticeably thinner now and Im really worried and upset. Im going to try to go to a dermatologist about this now, but Im wondering if the massaging could be to blame? I didnt massage hard. I was gentle and only used the pads of my fingers.

Im really depressed about this now. Has anybody experienced or heard of something similar happening?