Today is my lunch with my best friend. I'm so excited! Yay!!!

In other news, I've got a side job lined up to create some forms for my father's wife's work. Nice! And as soon as I hung up the phone with my dad, a co-worker asked me to help her with a form for one of the cities we work for. I helped her and she sent the form to one of the partners telling them that I am the expert. Score! This is the partner that pulled me into her office a month or two ago.

I'm very happy right now. I hope I can stay happy this whole day. It'd be a miracle. ....and I used to be so happy.

You could have found me being SCG in the photobomb pic most of the time. Now I hardly crack a smile most of the time.

SCG-please always make better choices then me with partners. Make sure that they don't steal your wonderful effervescence.

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)
pw: curls

Known HGs: KCCC, homemade fsg, honey