BAH. Stupid cold sore go awayyyyyy
Originally Posted by Narnia
Yeah, those suck. The Carmex lip balm works really well for me, even after the cold sore rears its ugly and painful head.

Never thought a $1.50 product could beat $16 Abreva, but fortunately I was wrong. The cherry smells really good, too.

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Originally Posted by yossarian
Ugh, yea Carmex does nothing for me. There's an unconfirmed amount of one of the active ingredients which strips the healing property and keeps you dependent on the product. It is like magic for some, and like nothing for me. For me a good Zovirax and Polysporin combo works the best, but once it's there it's there That and a dab of nail polish remover if I can catch it early enough - in this case I saw no warning signs. UGH.
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