I saw a Youtube video from a lady who mixed the SM curling souffle and curl enhancing smoothie. Her WNG lasted 11 days!

So, despite the bad reviews of the souffle, I broke down and bought them. I just did my usual braid out. While I was applying the products, my hair didn't look that good. It was a bit frizzy and dull looking. Once it was dry, it looked really great. My hair was soft, moisturized, and shiny all week long. I didn't even have to do touch ups.

While I was applying the products, I noticed that I had a some itchy bumps at my hairline and a red blotch on my arm. My eyes were burning, but I just assumed product was running in my eyes.

The second time I used the smoothie and souffle combo, it was a complete disaster. My hands and eyes were itching and burning. The inside of my nose was burning, and my throat started closing up. I have never had such a severe reaction to anything.

That's just the way it goes for me. Whenever I find a product that works on my hair, I end up being allergic to it. I hate my skin. I'm always turning red or breaking out in hives.

I'm still trying to figure out which ingredient is the culprit. I first eliminated the smoothie, and used the souffle with a different leave-in. I, once again, had that severe reaction. As soon as the product touched my hand, my skin started itching. The next time I did my hair, I used only the smoothie. I think my hands itched a little, but the reaction was nowhere near as severe as with the souffle. I use the SM Curl & Shine shampoo and the Curl & Style Milk with no problems.

I've never read about anyone else having an allergic reaction like I did. So, for anyone who has normal skin, I highly recommend the SM curl enhancing smoothie and curling souffle. If my allergic reaction had been milder, I really would still be using it.
fine/med, dense, low porosity

low-poo: SM Curl & Shine, SM African Black Soap Shampoo
RO: One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Cond.
leave-in: Giovanni 50/50 cond.
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