I have a few questions:

1. How much would you pay for an item like the above?

2. Does anyone here have experience in knitting and crochetting - who would be willing to answer a few questions? Such as how to learn how to read a pattern. practice, family, friends, YouTube, trial and error I pretty much just wing it on figuring how to make something. This is my second hat. I made an owl hat last week. My goal is to get better techique and improve quality.

3. How do you determine profit? I figure I'd like to make about X per hour...time, cost, and material.
It takes about $2 worth of yarn and two hours to make the hats and scarves.
Cost+Hourly wage+Buffer for wholesale + Adjustment for competition and similar items.

Here is my etsy store iof you are interested. If you want to check out my prices



I have made a lot of different purses lately and a lot of people at work have expressed an interest in having me make them one. I'm just not sure how to go about pricing at a decent price and still make a profit.

I use the wholesale price for my family and friends or what they would spend at someplace like Marshalls or Target

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