Yesterday I decided to style my hair per the instructions on the live curly live free website. It was something I'd been meaning to get around to trying even though I was concerned raking might add extra time to my styling routine. It only added roughly 3 extra minutes as it turns out, but it really did not work for me. The whole idea of raking the products in is to get more even product distribution, but for whatever reason I got much more curl variation than usual. By that I mean I got loose puffy curls here and there that didn't match as if they had received less product than usual or had been disfigured by the raking. (I raked with wet hair by the way. Exactly like the site said.) Also as my hair dried it was like the curls were dispersed. I still had good curl formation, but since I'd broken up my clumps I think my hair didn't look as pretty. Raking the product in including the tbsp mentioned at the site at the roots to the midsection wound up giving flat top and since I had broken up my curls into thinner ones, even more volume at the bottom. I have plenty of volume at the bottom. Past my ears it's volume city. I just want more volume at the roots. So I don't think I was doing it wrong because I followed the instructions very closely, but I am fearing maybe this method does not work my hair which is a shame because I want more even product distribution. Like most people with curly hair there is a lot of it and I want to be thorough. The way I normally style is with applying my leave in then followed by my gel by smoothing it on and then scrunching it up. It gives me chunkier, happier, less poofy and definitely less poodley or skinny curls. I was wondering what other people's experiences in styling their hair has been and if you curly girls have any tips on making raking work. Is it even worth it to keep experimenting? Thanks to my experiment I had to wash and restyle my hair again this morning even though today was my day off. (I wash every other day.) I am 3A with 3B potential, normal texture, normal porosity with medium to high density.